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Heartland Sheds

Building a shed by yourself from scratch can be a really tough job, but this tough job can be made a lot easier by using Heartland sheds.

Heartland sheds are wooden sheds that can be used as storage or recreational buildings. They are North America’s largest manufacturer of wooden sheds and they have been in the market for more than 35 years.

Heartlands are not only backyard storage experts but they also make play sets, gazebos and pergolas.

Heartland sheds are very affordable although they are made of high quality and durable timber. The wood is treated to be insect and decay resistant.
These engineered sheds are provided with double doors with galvanized steel hinges so that they do not sag or rust.

There are different varieties of heartland sheds available and you can choose a shed that will not only suit your budget and style of your house but also the space you have available in your yard.

Shed deals

The Rainier Heartland Shed

If you are looking for a small shed to store your garden tools and a small lawnmower then you can buy the Rainier storage building. They are easy to assemble and you can put up the shed even if you are not an expert. The precut wooden panels and the pre-assembled doors just need a hammer, screwdriver and a tape to assemble the shed. Just paint them to suit your taste and your heartland shed is ready for use. The price of Rainier storage shed is US$ 998.

The Diplomat Heartland Shed

This shed can be used for storage or as a workshop as they are big and spacious. Their reinforced structure can withstand heavy wind and snow. Just like the smaller sheds they are pre-cut and can be assembled with the help of few tools. The price of this Diplomat shed is US$ 3,199.

The Heartland Shed Country Manor

This great addition to the range is a two-storey shed that actually comes with free installation. There is a loft, a workbench, windows and flowerboxes included with the shed.
These sheds are very durable and that is why Heartland gives it a 10 year guarantee for the shed parts and labor. So if you have the space for a larger shed then it is better to choose Heartland Country Manor.
The price of this shed is $4,049.

Heartland sheds are easy to install and the prices are cheaper when compared with other sheds. These sheds also come with floors and so there is no need to buy them at an extra cost.

So heartland sheds are preferred by customers who like to install their own sheds without professional help, or if they require help for the larger models, it's free anyway!

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